Whit Friday 2022

The band performed at the annual Whit Friday march contests that take place accross villages in the Tameside and Saddleworth areas. We played at 6 contests in Tameside, each with their own prizes per section and overall:

🎺 Carrbrook – winner of the 2nd section, 4th overall
🎺 Stalybridge – 3rd overall
🎺 Dukinfield/Tame Valley – winner of the second section
🎺 Heyrod – winner of the 2nd section, 5th overall

From these results, we were extremely pleased to receive the highest placed 2nd section band in the Tameside area for Whit Friday 2022. We were also placed 8th overall in the Tameside contest.


We recorded each contest that we performed at. These videos are captured using a 360° camera, meaning you can click and drag (or physically move your phone) to look around the video. Hopefully this gives the impression you are actually there! Of course, you can still watch normally if you prefer.

Note: The 360° viewing experience will only work on a computer, or when accessing the videos through the official YouTube app on a mobile device (click the video title next to the logo on the video to redirect to the app if installed).

Denton Content

Dukinfield/Tame Valley Contest

Stalybridge Content

Carrbrook Contest

Heyrod Contest

Mossley Contest

Whit Friday 2018

On Friday 25th may, the band yet again travelled to Tameside for the Whit Friday March Contest. Following tradition, the days leading up to the contest were warm and sunny: ‘Whit Friday will be great if the weather is like this!’.

Luckily, the rain held off whilst we were marching, albeit a bit colder than the days before the contest. We played at seven venues; Dukinfield, The Albion (Dukinfield), Upper Mossley, Carrbrook, Heyrod and both Stalybrdige Celtic and Stalybridge Labour Club, coming first place at the Heyrod contest.

Overall, it was another enjoyable night consisting of some great performances. An edited montage of our performances can be watched below.

North West Regional Championships 2018

The band travelled down to Blackpool yet again this year to participate in the Regional Brass Band Championships. We were playing ‘Ex Terra Lucem’, a piece originally commissioned for St Helens Youth Brass Band, but was used as this year’s 2nd section test piece. Overall the band played a good performance on the day but unfortunately no high positions or prizes were won. Maybe next time?

The afternoon was spent enjoying a carvery in The Gynn Pub, which has come our favourite post-regionals meal!

Valley Brass Solo Festival 2017

Our  annual Solo Festival has just been held here at Valley Brass. Many members of the band took part in the festival playing a piece of their choice and it was throughly enjoyed by everyone. Congratulations to Christian Teasdale (Open) Kate Kilbane (15s & Us) and Jeanette Aindow (Senior Learners) for coming first place in their sections, in addition to the runners up. Well played everyone!

National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain 2016

On the 18th of September the band competed in the National Finals in Cheltenham. As well as giving a performance we were proud of, we secured 9th place! The months of hard effort paid off and a fantastic day was the result.

Concert with Ferdinand Porsche Choir (Stuttgart)

What a brilliant concert we had tonight with the Ferdinand Porsche Choir (Stuttgart) at the town hall! St. Helens was filled with music from both Valley Brass and our German friends. Thank you for everyone who came to listen to us; but if you missed it, you can watch it above!

Not long until the National Finals!

The band are currently practising very hard for the National Finals in Cheltenham on the 18th September! The piece we are playing is called ‘Lake of the Moon’ (can be found on YouTube). If you happen to be in Cheltenham that day why don’t you get tickets and come along into Cheltenham Racecourse and listen to us! (3rd section hall, we aren’t in the 2nd section until January 2017!)

Whit Friday Marchers 2016

This is one of the six venues we played at during the Whit Friday Marches 2016 on the 20th May. We played ‘The New Recruit’ and ‘Raby’ We played at the following contests:
• Dukinfield
• Carrbrook
• Heyrod (1st Place)
• Upper Mossley (1st Place)
•Broadoak (1st Place)
•Stalybridge ( 1st Place)
A Massive well done to everyone, despite the awful weather! We did extremely well considering this was our first year in the 3rd section!

North West Regional Championships 2016

On the 28th February Valley Brass Played at the North West Regional Championships 2016. We entered the third sections playing ‘A Cambrian Suite’…And we won….three prizes! Best Conductor, best percussion section as well as best overall 3rd section band! Not to mention we also got moved up to the 2nd section! A massive well done to everyone. Since we won we have now qualified for the National Finals in Cheltenham in September.