Whit Friday 2022

The band performed at the annual Whit Friday march contests that take place accross villages in the Tameside and Saddleworth areas. We played at 6 contests in Tameside, each with their own prizes per section and overall:

🎺 Carrbrook – winner of the 2nd section, 4th overall
🎺 Stalybridge – 3rd overall
🎺 Dukinfield/Tame Valley – winner of the second section
🎺 Heyrod – winner of the 2nd section, 5th overall

From these results, we were extremely pleased to receive the highest placed 2nd section band in the Tameside area for Whit Friday 2022. We were also placed 8th overall in the Tameside contest.


We recorded each contest that we performed at. These videos are captured using a 360° camera, meaning you can click and drag (or physically move your phone) to look around the video. Hopefully this gives the impression you are actually there! Of course, you can still watch normally if you prefer.

Note: The 360° viewing experience will only work on a computer, or when accessing the videos through the official YouTube app on a mobile device (click the video title next to the logo on the video to redirect to the app if installed).

Denton Content

Dukinfield/Tame Valley Contest

Stalybridge Content

Carrbrook Contest

Heyrod Contest

Mossley Contest