Chalon Sur Saone – France Tour 2016


On Tuesday October 25th 2016, the band travelled to the twin town of St. Helens: Chalon Sur Saone.

The evening began with an intensive reherarsal followed by a pack down of all equipment and loading of the coach.

Leaving at 10pm we settled down to a long trip entertained by a constant stream of movie – can’t really say we had a good nights sleep…

At 3pm the next day our weary but excited group arrived at the Hotel St Jean in Chalon Sur Saone and after a brief time setting in, we walked a short distance to the Hotel De Ville (the Town Hall) to perform our first concert and to have a Mayoral Reception.

Gifts were exchanged and speeches given. Valley Brass presented gifts of glasses engraved with the Valley Brass Coat of Arms and embroidered shirts, while the biggest surprise was the speech given in French by our MD, Dave Chadwick.

Dave then surprised all by also presenting all our concerts in French.

Everyday consisted of a great deal of free time for every to explore the historic town and visit the wonderful museums, while the evenings were taken up by concert performances.

Our concerts received great support and good coverage in the local press. After every performance there was a receptions with local food offered, while both French and English musicians chatted long into the evening.

This is the third time the band have visited Chalon Sur Saone and the hospitality of the town never wavers. It was wonderful to renew old friendships and make new friends.

The band left Chalon in high spirits and with promises from our hosts to visit St. Helens in the near future.